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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amanda Bynes and Her Fifth Vehicle Accident

Amanda Bynes was reportedly involved in another vehicle accident. It was actually her fifth accident this year, starting from the first incident in March wherein she fled the scene while a cop was writing her a ticket for driving while talking on her cell phone.

According to reports, Bynes was driving along San Fernando Valley at around 8 o’clock in the evening last August 21 when her car was rear-ended by another vehicle.

In a situation like this, the driver of the vehicle that rear-ended the other vehicle is usually declared to be at fault. However, in Bynes’ case, the other driver claimed that the ex-Nickelodeon star caused the minor car vehicle accident by driving recklessly.

Shortly thereafter, police arrived at scene but no one was ticketed, reports said.

Apparently, Bynes has some poor luck when it comes to driving. Last April, she was first involved in a minor car accident. In May, the actress has been twice involved in a hit-and-run incident and for this month, this is likewise her second car accident.

Consequently, Bynes was charged with driving under the influence and is also under investigation for one of the above-said hit-and-run incidents.

A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles witnessed how people theorized that the young actress should probably consider having her own driver since it is not only once or twice that she got involved in a vehicle accident. Consequently, people wish for her safety while on the road.

Moreover, this makes Bynes among the most troubled Hollywood stars of today who are making headlines with regard to traffic misfortunes.


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