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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Former State Lawmaker Found Liable for Wrongful Death of His Former Fiancé

A former Kentucky lawmaker was reportedly found liable for the wrongful death of his former fiancée , Amanda Ross, 29.

According to news reports, 60-year-old Stephen R. Nunn will be spending his lifetime in prison for killing Ross.

It could be remembered that previous reports claimed that Nunn pleaded guilty in the shooting and killing of Ross outside her townhouse in Lexington way back in 2011. Subsequently, he was charged with murder.

Aside from Nunn, the company managing the townhomes, Opera House Square, was also named in the said lawsuit for negligence along with Nunn’s daughter, Mary Elizabeth Nunn, who illegally transferred her father’s Glasgow property in her name to avoid Ross’ family from claiming it as damages in the civil lawsuit. 

Incidentally, following the death of Ross, changes to domestic violence laws in Kentucky have been prompted. In fact, a law named after Ross’ first name, Amanda, was passed. The law allows domestic violence victims to be alerted by a GPS tracking system whenever their aggressors get too close.

At present, Nunn, who spent nearly 15 years in the state legislature, is imprisoned at the Green River Correctional Complex in Muhlenberg County.

Under the Kentucky law, former lawmakers are entitled to receive full state pension annually as they turn 62, provided that the recipient does not committed a crime while in office as a legislator. Apparently, Nunn is no longer eligible to receive his benefits after his conviction, explained by a Los Angeles injury lawyer


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