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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whitney Houston’s Daughter, Bobbi, and Boyfriend Smash Car

Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and her boyfriend were reportedly involved in a car accident in Georgia.

According to reports, sources close to Bobbi said that the incident happened last Sunday night in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Based on the initial investigation, Nick was driving his Camaro while Bobbi was on the passenger seat and accordingly, authorities were told that the couple had been arguing at the time of the accident.

Apparently, it was a single vehicle accident and no one was injured.

The incident was only discovered by the police when they went to the couple’s apartment for a noise complaint. According to police, no one answered the door. Nevertheless, the police saw Nick’s wrecked Camaro parked outside the apartment.

Upon closely examining the car, police saw that its front right tire was missing, the front bumper was torn off, and airbags were deployed while its hazard lights were on. Obviously, Nick still managed to drive it home despite its wrecked condition.

At present, further details regarding the incident is currently being investigated since other information surrounding the accident is not yet clear. Even calls to Bobbi’s party were not returned, according to news reports.

Based on recent studies, such vehicle accidents often result from a driver’s neglect or failure to obey the traffic safety rules and regulations. These violations include the following:

•    Driving under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicating substance
•    Distracted driving
•    Over-speeding
•    Running on red light
•    Disregarding traffic signs and warnings

Consequently, in order to avoid road misfortunes, it is best to avoid committing the above-said violations, suggested by a Los Angeles car accident attorney.


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