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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Budweiser Tycoon Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit for $1.75 M

News reports revealed that the 46-year-old Budweiser tycoon, August Busch IV, recently agreed to settle a wrongful death lawsuit filed against him by the family of his former model girlfriend, Adrienne Martin, 27.

It could be remembered that Martin was found dead just before Christmas of 2010 in August’s bed inside his mansion. Based on the autopsy report, Martin died from taking a lethal mixture of cocaine and the painkiller, oxycodone. Moreover, a medical examiner concluded that there was no foul play and that the model voluntarily took the drugs. Therefore, no one was held accountable for her death.

Nevertheless, August, being concerned about the future of his former girlfriend’s son, Blake Martin, initially offered $1.5 million as settlement to the decedent’s family, particularly to Martin’s estranged husband, Dr. Kevin Martin, and her divorced parents, Larry Eby and Christine Trampler, who pressed the charges against him on behalf of Blake.

However, August’s initial offer did not materialize until both parties recently agreed to settle the lawsuit in the amount of $1.75 million, which the presiding judge approved.

According to the settlement agreement, $1.35 million of the said monetary relief will go to Blake while Martin’s parents will each receive $200,000.00, which will be put into Blake’s annual fund.

Meanwhile, August’s lawyer claimed that although the former chief of Anheuser-Busch beer empire agreed to settle the lawsuit for a generous amount, it does not necessarily mean that there was an admission of wrongdoing on their part.

August was the last member of his family to run the largest brewery in the world, the Anheuser-Busch, before it was sold to the Belgian brewer, InBev.

Apparently, just like the former chief’s previous lawsuit back in his early age, the current lawsuit that was supposedly scheduled on November 14 possesses no strong evidence to prove that there was a transgression that occurred.

Therefore, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer is pretty impressed with the tycoon for being affectionate to his former girlfriend’s surviving son despite the circumstances surrounding him and Martin’s family.


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